• Cancer Engineering, Spring 2022 (AME 60676)

    We will explore the barriers in the tumor microenvironment that thwart drug delivery and efficacy and tumor-fighting immune cells. Through didactic lectures, expert seminars, and in-class projects based on the primary literature, we will examine how cutting-edge engineering approaches can be used to overcome these barriers and improve treatment outcomes.

  • Physiology for Engineers, Spring 2023 (AME 40573)

    Applying engineering fundamentals to physiology allows for new insights into normal and abnormal (i.e., pathophysiological) biological function. Using a systems-based approach, we will quantitatively explore the biological, chemical, electrical, and mechanical foundations of human physiology. We will examine how engineering approaches – both empirical and theoretical – can be used to understand healthy and diseased organ systems, including but not limited to the nervous, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems.